Yesterday, foreign guests and their guests visited the exhibition halls under the leadership of Mr. Sun Zemin, the company's board leader and Mr. Wang Rihe, executive vice president of the company, and spoke highly of our children's wear products. Foreign guests visit the company showroom Our company is located in the beautiful coastal city, eastern Guangdong Business Center - Shantou. Corporate Business Building (Jin Xie Building) office area of ​​8000 square meters, with first-class business office environment and good living facilities. Division I is a focus on children's wear product design and development and marketing management of the professional brand operators, the company standardized management, business diversification, brand operation internationalization, with 12-year children's clothing brand operating experience and 20 years of professional experience in children's wear production. The company owns four well-known children's clothing brands such as Doraemon cat, big-eyed frog, r100, M & Q. The product line covers the four seasons clothing and related children's products for children aged 2-16, and is well received by the industry and consumers. The four children's clothing brands have their own unique characteristics. The "Ding Dong Cat" focuses on nature and uses pure and elegant natural colors to create a soft, energetic and playful combination of material safety, comfort and diversity Of the world; "Big Eye Frog" cool street style is a new interpretation of the American street fashion culture, cool and stylish symbol; "r100" adhering to the German excellence, the pursuit of excellence in sports ideas, to create international, professional M & Q from South Korea's stylish whirlwind emphasizes fashion simplicity, the basic tone of black and white classic, full of unique self-personality style.

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