Gold and silver coins are of great value. There are certain concerns about storing people. How can we ensure that gold and silver coins are not oxidized for a long time? Today, Xiaobian recommends the ultimate method to ensure the quality of the products:

1. Put the natural camphor block in the place where the gold and silver coins are placed: prevent the mold from multiplying on the box of gold and silver coins to prevent the insects from being in the box, because the mold spots and the insect body are acidic, and the metabolites such as liquid or gas are acidic or Alkaline, if you have any contact with the gold and silver coins on the surface of the coin, you won't need to repeat them. This is especially important.

2. Place the color-changing silica gel at the four corners placed in the gold and silver coin storage area: the water absorption rate of the silica gel is about 25%, and the color-absorbing silica gel has a strong moisture absorption. When dry, the color-changing silica gel is blue and turns red after moisture absorption. The weight is about 3 kg per cubic meter in the northern region, and 5 kg of color-changing silica gel is placed in the south of the Yangtze River to ensure one month of drying.

Regeneration of color-changing silica gel: After the color-changing silica gel turns red, it loses the function of water absorption and moisture removal. At this time, it can be placed in an oven and dried at 80 ° C for 3 hours. Without conditions, it can be placed in a metal pot and placed on a natural gas stove. Bake for more than 2 hours, until the water vapor rises to disappear, the silica gel is completely blue, and then put into the gold and silver coin storage place to keep the gold and silver coins dry.

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