Hangzhou ★ Xiangnuo ★ brand women's clothing collection at home and abroad a variety of factions cooperation, the establishment of a strong brand Women "concentration camp", the price of brand women's down in the end, Xiangnuo ★ ★ brand women based on the original scale of the more powerful Clothing storage center, so that customers can find their ideal product. ★ Xianguo ★ brand discount women now to the National Cheng Zhao agents, franchisees, as long as you have a suitable store we will provide "cheap" goods, allowing you to tap new business opportunities. During the expansion of the company to join the agency fee, franchise fee, allowing you to make the least investment to earn huge returns. ★ Xianguo ★ common development with new and old customers to create a discount industry miracle!


As a youth fashion brand promoting urban new romanticism, Xiangnuo is a youth-oriented youth group that is located at the age of 18-40. Rich models, beautiful colors, details of the delicate, highlighting the spirit of human freedom. Combination of strong laminated with law, so that the taste of young girls to enjoy. A brand-name enterprises, the implementation of brand strategy, brand name, interpretation of a brand advocate a stylish, natural, elegant, casual design style, with wonderful ideas, exquisite tailoring, superior fabrics, showing their own personality, charming flashing fashion and Confident style.

『湘诺』2013年加盟女装品牌首选  小投资大回报

Now Xiangnuo Women joined the franchise fee, free security deposit, free to provide the image of the franchise decoration.

Wealth Hotline:
Mr. Li:
Address: Shi Xiang Road, Hangzhou City, 86-4, Room 201

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